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Tenzing and Pushp join Sejal Kumar in an ass kicking session to learn some very important self-defense karate techniques. Pay attention and be safe.
Sejal Kumar - inworlds.info/rock/K-l8DE1lyZnguaRQr7_Y-Q.html
Caution: These self-defence techniques can kill people. These techniques are not to be used for entertainment purposes. They are to be used only for self-defence.
0:00 - Disclaimer
0:04 - Intro
01:25 - Introduction with Sensei Anamika
02:59 - Attacker's right hand on victim's right hand
06:17 - Attacker's both hands on victim's both hands
07:59 - Attacker chokes your throat with both hands
09:37 - Attacker grabs you from behind
12:18 - Attacker pulls your hair from behind
16:45 - 3 Golden Rules
17:59 - Outro
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  • These are Mcdojo techniques which means they dont work, Why give people false hope by showing all these ineffective techniques, ofcourse there are alot of effective techniques that can be learnt which are decisive but the techniques in this video dont work unfortunately!!

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  • I hate this not because of the girls but they are teaching techniques that don’t work if and angry man grabs you by the neck he’s not gonna stand there he’s gonna toss you around the best way to not get grabbed is to be completely aware of your surroundings and to run

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  • Feminism doesn't mean that you have to prove yourself to be of equal strength as of men , it about having that mental strength to perceive yourself to be not weak where subdued.

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  • In the first technique: The attacker’s other hand and 2 legs are free...⚰️

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    • @Aditi I swear I thought so too but I don’t anymore after getting smacked in the face by my mom when I told her to be the attacker and me the victim, that’s why I commented , so that other’s are careful👀🙏🏻🤞🏻

      Sahil SharmaSahil Sharmaमहीने पहले
    • They’re just starting off. Plus when an attacker attacks someone, they don’t expect the victim to know martial arts or self defence, so knowing even the very basics can help. :)

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  • The idea is to train your mind along with the body. If you only go for physical training and don't train your brain, it might not react the same way when one is actually attacked.

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